Horse Camp Programs-2014

A multitude of spring, summer, fall and winter break camp options are available to horseback riding students of all skill levels and ages.  Children can learn the fundamentals of horseback riding, Hunter/Jumper or Western riding while on break from their studies.  Austin and surrounding areas have any approach of that you can dream, so don’t be shy to revise your search to include terms like “Hunter,” “General English Equitation,” “Trail Riding,” “Western Pleasure,” and more.  Adding these terms to your search, as well as specifying an area of Austin, such as “Round Rock,” or “Lockhart,” will yield you many more results than a simple Austin search will do.

Don’t forget to inquire about location.  Many horse facilities that show up on Austin-based searches are up to an hour away!  Find out how far away your favorite horse camp is and ask about transportation options.  Overnight programs may be a better fit for the more enthusiastic camper in your family, while day-camp options are a suitable choice for children who have not been exposed to many horses in the past.

Horseback riding has a huge benefit to children.  Read more about how riding can give children coping skills, balance awareness and a step ahead in math, reading and writing!